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Bermuda Better Energy Plan Released

Posted on Thu, 8 Nov, 2018

The Bermuda Better Energy Plan Report has been released, with proposals including “solar panels and offshore wind turbines to make full use of the fantastic renewable resources available in Bermuda and minimise the amount of imported fossil fuel.”

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda is about to make a critical decision on how electricity will be generated in the future. BELCO have proposed a plan which continues to rely mainly on imported fossil fuels. Bermuda Engineering Company Limited [BE Solar] have commissioned Sustainability Engineering firm Etude to prepare a more sustainable plan.

“The Bermuda Better Energy Plan is based on increased energy efficiency, more energy storage and a larger contribution from renewable energy. It is proposing a combination of solar panels and offshore wind turbines to make full use of the fantastic renewable resources available in Bermuda and minimise the amount of imported fossil fuel. The plan promotes working with BELCO and other stakeholders to make Bermuda more resilient and competitive.”

“Bermuda has the opportunity to globally lead by example to implement an energy plan that is forward thinking, less reliant on fossil fuel, can create more jobs and reduce the cost of electricity.

“Island nations are on the front line of climate change facing risks from sea level rise, more intense hurricanes and changing patterns of rainfall. These changes will affect Bermuda’s entire way of life, from her ability to remain an attractive destination to international business and tourism, to maintaining supplies of drinking water and growing food on our island.

“The Bermuda Better Energy Plan is an Alternative Proposal to the BELCO IRP and examines how Bermuda can reduce its contributions toward climate change while decreasing the cost of living and doing business.”

“This would result in less money being spent on energy imports, more local jobs in renewable energy and more money for Bermuda’s local economy. The Better Energy Plan is preparing Bermuda for the future and will help to produce less expensive, cleaner electricity, reducing carbon emissions by more than 60%. It will also enable electricity prices to be more stable in the future and demonstrate to the world that Bermuda is a leader in renewable energy.

“Key features of the Bermuda Better Energy Plan include:

  • Electricity demand falls by 30% over the next 20 years with strategic energy efficiency initiatives
  • Thousands of solar panels and ten offshore wind turbines generate the majority of Bermuda’s electricity
  • Battery storage will play a critical role in managing supply and demand of electricity
  • The cost of locally produced renewable electricity will continue to be lower than imported fossil fuels
  • Greenhouse gas emissions will fall by over 60%
  • Drastic reduction in emissions of pollutants that are harmful to human health
  • BELCO’s industrial LNG re-gasification terminal is no longer required
  • Bermuda can lead by example for the rest of the world

“The Bermuda Better Energy Plan could fundamentally change Bermuda’s energy future. Members of the public have less than 5 weeks to support the plan and will need to submit a response of support to the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda via their website. For more information, visit betterenergyplan.bm.


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