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We are currently designing battery storage systems using the smart energy solution called Ensemble created by Enphase. 

This battery system is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the Enphase microinverter system used in our solar solutions. It offers you an autonomous, flexible energy storage system that can start small and grow over time, with no single point of failure, which makes it better than any other battery system. The hardware has no moving parts and uses the safest and most stable battery chemistry (Lithium Iron Phosphate), with no high voltage batteries or DC wiring. On top of all of these features, the Ensemble system is the most efficient on the market. Paired with a solar system, you will be able to monitor and control your energy production and usage on one single online platform, Enphase Enlighten.

The Ensemble battery solution is designed to be used effortlessly while your system is connected to the grid for you to store up solar energy during the day and use it in the evening. The battery system can also be used in an off-grid setting, such as when the utility power is down during a hurricane, to run identified primary energy loads and provide you with reliable, immediate silent backup power.

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Battery Storage


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