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Battery Storage Systems

We install the Enphase IQ 5P Battery system that is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the Enphase microinverter system used in our solar solutions. 



The Enphase IQ 5P Battery solution uses Enphase microinverters which are completely sealed and have no moving parts. Unlike traditional battery systems with large inverters and moving parts, this solution has redundancy, with no single point of failure.



The solution is completely modular, providing you with flexibility to grow your system over time. Each battery block contains 5kWh of energy and can be scaled up to 80kWh providing you with the ability to go off grid if you wish. 



You won't find dangerous high voltage electricity in the Enphase IQ 5P Battery solution. The batteries use the safest residential chemistry available (Lithium Iron Phosphate) that is cobalt free and non-explosive, providing you with safe AC power, just like the rest of your property uses. 

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Enphase provides a 15 year industry leading warranty on the IQ5P. They guarantee that you can cycle through the battery system up to 6,000 cycles and even after the warranty period is over, you will still have 60% capacity of the battery storage. 



Installing the most powerful residential battery system on the market means that you have more power to run larger devices or appliances such as air conditioning equipment, single speed water pumps, water hearts and can charge electric vehicles. 



The intuitive monitoring app allows you to see your property's energy consumption, production and battery levels in 15 minute intervals, helping you to become more energy independent.

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Silent, Safe, Reliable Storage

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Enphase is the all in one, energy solution

Save money on BELCO bills and have reliable power in an outage all while reducing your carbon footprint with industry-leading solar power production and batery storage that puts safety first. All from one leading energy provider, Enphase.


Learn more about the industry leading storage solution.

Don't get caught up in the Tesla hype, see why Enphase is better than other competing brands for yourself.

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