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With over 700 clean energy solutions in our portfolio, our team has completed a variety of project types on an assortment of properties throughout Bermuda. From residential and commercial solar systems, to large backup battery solutions, to providing charities with funding to deploy solar, we have implemented hundreds of custom designed solutions around the island.


Let us know if you have a speicific project or idea in mind. We'll help you make a sensible investment. 

Small Residential Solar Electricity System

We collaborated with this client to help them design a small 7 panel system to offset the energy costs for their tiny air BnB Cottage on the North Shore.  


Medium Residential Solar Electricity System 

This property wanted to ensure that it was energy efficient and invested in a 21 solar panel system to reduce their daytime energy loads and earn some credit on their BELCO bill by selling back to the grid.


Large Residential Solar Electricity System 

This property wanted to enhance their energy independence and reduce their BELCO bill drastically. The 42 panel system and 40kWh battery will pay for itself within 8 years.  


Solar & Battery Hybrid System

This client was driven by energy independence and reducing their reliance on fossil fuel. They invested in a solar and battery system to provide their home with backup power in a grid outage. They are trending 40% dependence on the grid.  


Historic Property Solar Electricity System

This property is a Grade 1 listed building and therefore solar had to be installed in a discrete location to minimise aesthetic impact. Solar panels were installed on the southern, western and eastern roof areas to maximise energy production and reduce their energy bills by 55%.


Ground Mounted Solar Electricity System

Unused land was available on this property and the client invested in a ground mounted solar system to get economies of scale, maximize their energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions. It paid for itself in 2021. 


Pergola Mounted Solar Electricity System

Plans were developed to build a custom pergola for this property owner to install solar panels rather than using their roof. They were able to install a large 30 panel system and have seen their bill be reduced by 50%. 


Large School Solar Electricity System

Saltus Grammar School partnered with BE Solar in 2018. The Board of Trustees selected BE Solar to install 175 panels at Saltus Cavendish and 131 panels at Saltus Upper Primary. These projects are reducing the operating costs of the school while demonstrating bold energy leadership to the students, alumni and staff. Other schools within the BE Solar portfolio include Bermuda High School, Bermuda College, Mount Saint Agnes and Play with a Purpose. 


Large Commercial Electricity System

AC Brewer awarded BE Solar this large commercial project in a competitive bidding process. BE Solar deployed a 51.6kW 120 panel system using 430 Watt solar panels on their warehouse facility in Hamilton, Bermuda.  Other commercial properties within our portfolio include, Masters Limited, TOPS, Rubis South Shore Gas Station, Fidelity Investments, Garden Market, Wadsons Farm, Surface Trends, Washington Properties and Argus.  


Charity Solar Electricity System

BE Solar partnered with Aeolus Capital in 2020 to deploy a 38 panel system to help WindReach reduce their operating costs at their facility in Warwick, Bermuda. BE Solar was later hired by the Board of Trustees to install another phase of solar energy on the adult day care centre. Energy savings are now being deployed to other more important charity initiatives. BE Solar has been chosen to install solar on the following charities; National Museum of Bermuda, Family Centre, PALS, The Reading Clinic and the Bermuda Red Cross.

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