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How can we help?


Customised Energy Solutions

Are you looking for a clean energy solution that will save you money and help to minimize CO2 emissions? We listen to your energy and financial goals to help you make a sensible investment. 


Energy Empowerment Workshops

Do you have a business, organisation or school that wishes to learn more about solar energy, battery storage or sustainability? We design and offer workshops to help our community be empowered to save. 

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Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Do you need to have your solar panels removed or reinstalled for roof painting or roof maintenance? We develop estimates to help you safely decommission and commission your system.



Do you want your energy system proactively maintained to extend its lifespan? We help our clients maintain their investments with customised scheduled maintenance plans.

Do you want to work with us?

Are you interested in working in the clean energy industry? 

Do you have a commitment to learning and team work? 

If so, send a resume and cover letter to 

Learn more about job vacancies via the button below.

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