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Hey Sunshine,

We are consultative energy experts and design customised proposals to meet your goals.


Do you want to learn how to make a sensible investment in clean energy?

​Provide us with your details and we’ll be in touch to explain more.

What are you interested in?


When the sun comes up, your bill's go down!

We are Consultative Energy Practitioners

We provide value based engineering to help your property save money and stop CO2 emissions. Our team will complete a holistic 5 step process to design a solution that reduces electricity consumption and meets your near and long term energy goals.

Consultative Sales Process Image .png

We charge a deposit to complete our process to design and present a customised energy saving proposal for your property. The deposit is applied on your account and if you choose to invest with us at any point in the future, it is discounted from your final project price.

We currently charge $200 for residential project proposals and $500 for commercial project proposals. 

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