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What is your monthly BELCO bill?
$20 - $150 $150 - $300 $300 - $500 $500 - $1000 $1000 +

$20 - $150

Well done! Your energy consumption is quite low, with a few tips from us, we may be able to help lower your bill even more.

$150 - $300

Not Bad! You seem to be pretty smart with your energy use, but we may be able to help save you even more with solar, as well as energy efficient upgrades and adjustments to your existing appliances.

$300 - $500

There is hope! You’re currently on par with most homes in Bermuda, but let us see if we can help you beat the average and get those bills even lower with solar and energy efficiency improvements!

$500 - $1000

Ouch! Although your bills are high now, we can help you make it history, and still meet your present and future energy needs with solar and energy efficiency upgrades.

$1000 +

Wow! You are paying a lot of money on energy, and we can provide a range of solar and energy saving solutions to reduce or eliminate exorbitant bills like these forever! Don’t waste any more money, call our energy experts now!

Welcome to BE Solar

Our vision is an efficient Bermuda powered by affordable renewable energy. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality energy solutions accessible to all. 


We source and install only the highest quality solar and energy efficiency technology, and design and build all custom solutions to withstand Bermuda’s harsh climate.


We have installed over 350 solar systems in both residential and commercial applications, as well as a broad range of energy efficient devices and energy saving upgrades.

Why BE Solar?

We implement the highest quality solar solutions, and are dedicated to providing excellent products, tough & robust installations, and superior customer service.


panels installed

barrels of oil offset

saved for customers

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