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Empowering a Sustainable Bermuda

The Most Experienced Team

Our dynamic team offers comprehensive services, from design and engineering, to accounting, installation and maintenance. As Bermuda's only Enphase Platinum Partner, we ensure top-tier quality and unbeatable client assurance throughout every project, providing ultimate satisfaction.

Providing the Highest Quality

We understand the challenges of designing solar systems in a salty, corrosive climate. We prioritize sourcing smart technology and materials to guarantee durability and reliability. Our solar panels withstand hurricane-force winds, are backed by a 30-year energy production guarantee and paired with Enphase IQ microinverters.

A Proven Track Record of Excellence

For 14+ years we have deployed over 700 clean energy projects  for residential, commercial, and charity properties. Our commitment to energy partnerships ensures that we deliver projects that have great economic, social, and environmental impacts for property owners and Bermuda.

Our Services

We love hearing from our clients

“Your team respected the space as our home, and acted accordingly.  I am happy to recommend BE Solar!”

Will Young - Pembroke




Years of Experience

Projects Completed

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Our Story

Bermuda Engineering Company Limited was founded in 1935 by Gordon Hamilton Burland, a Bermudian renewable energy pioneer and engineer. Back then, he built the first clean energy microgrid in Bermuda and demonstrated bold energy leadership for his time. 

In 2010 the company was reinvigorated and has been operating as BE Solar since. As a holistic energy solution company, we help residential and commercial properties save money and reduce the consumption of fossil fuel. Our team deploys the best in energy efficiency, solar electric and battery storage projects.

We're committed to our clients and our vision of an efficient Bermuda powered by clean energy!

Our Projects


Small Residential Projects

Start with energy efficiency and install a system to reduce your daytime consumption.


Large Residential Projects

Invest in a system to offset large energy consuming devices and the highest tier of your bill.

Enphase IQ5P battery

Enphase IQ Solar & Battery Hybrid Projects

Install powerful, reliable and safe battery systems that provide back up power during outages and help improve energy independence.  

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Historic Property Projects

Deploy solar panels in discrete locations to meet Bermuda Government and satisfy listed building planning regulations.


Ground Mounted Projects

Optimize available ground space and create economies of scale while effectively addressing aesthetic considerations.


Pergola Mounted Projects

Construct a dedicated facility designed for solar installation that doubles as a shade provider or carport.


School Projects

Help schools demonstrate bold energy leadership to students, staff, alumni and donors. 


Commercial Projects

Attract tenants, increase property value and reduce operating costs with large solar systems. 

Our Charity Partnerships

Are you a business that is looking to achieve your ESG targets? Or are you a philanthropist that wants to deploy a clean energy system to reduce emissions and help charities save money?

We can help!


Our Latest News

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