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Our ESG Initiatives

We recognize the importance of collectively working together to help reduce CO2 emissions. BE Solar has developed programs that help businesses and charities meet their environmental, social and governance goals. Our carbon offset programs allow organisations to help fight the climate crisis while helping charities to reduce their operating costs too. 


Aeolus & WindReach

BE Solar was selected to install solar on the WindReach facility in Warwick by Aeolus Capital. The project was part of their ESG initaitives to reduce carbon emissions and deploy a clean energy solution for a charity to help save money.

The 12.9kW solar system will harness the sun's energy and help offset the electricity expenses at the facility, saving WindReach more than $10,000 per year in electricity costs.  The system is forecast to pay for itself in five years, saving more than 678 barrels of oil from being burnt at BELCO.

Oakley Capital Investment & The Reading Clinic

BE Solar worked with Oakley Capital Investments to select a local charity to help them offset their carbon emissions and support their local philanthropic efforts. In 2024, BE Solar will install an 11.1kW system that will help the Reading Clinic save over $8,000 per year and stop 309 metric tones of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Reading Clinic .png

We love helping our community

Since 2010, we have helped these charities and look forward to helping more. 

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Our Charity Projects

Are you a business that is looking to achieve your ESG targets? Or are you a philanthropist that wants to deploy a clean energy system to reduce emissions and help charities save money?

We can help!

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