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Solar Electricity Systems

We source and install only the highest quality solar PV technology to help you harness free clean energy from the sun. Our team designs custom solutions that are designed to expand over time and meet your energy goals. Each system we install is engineered to withstand Bermuda’s harsh climate including high humidity, corrosion, salt and hurricane force winds. 

Our solar electricity systems include many benefits, read below to learn more.


Leak free attachments 

Our roof mounting system has been engineered specifically for Bermuda roofs. Every single fibre-reinforced concrete and stainless steel penetration we install provides a tough and leak free connection for decades. 

client assurance .png

Quality client assurance 

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your project runs smoothly, efficiently, and on schedule. We offer full ‘turn-key’ projects that include designing, installing and commissioning your system and ensure that all planning and BELCO requirements are completed on your behalf. 

Superior performance.png

Superior performance 

The solar panels we install are designed for optimal real world performance, and have the ability to produce more reliable energy compared to other brands. All our products offer guaranteed, bankable energy production from manufacturers with proven track records.

rust proof materials.png

Rust proof materials 

All of the components we use are made of the highest quality, marine grade hardware, and all solar connections incorporate lead-free solder, ensuring your entire solar system will remain corrosion free and stand the test of time in Bermuda.


Superior warranties

Our solutions offer a variety of different warranties including 5 year roof penetration and wiring warranties in addition to 25 year warranties on our microinverters, 30 year warranties on our solar panels and 15 years on our battery systems. 

True Reliability.png

True reliability 

We design and build our systems to provide complete redundancy by incorporating a dedicated Enphase microinverter for each solar panel. Enphase microinverters provide you with safe, powerful and reliable energy that optimises solar panel production and de-risks your investment. 


Built for hurricanes 

Our solar systems are engineered and installed to withstand winter storms and hurricanes with loads of up to 150 mph. Since 2010, we have not had any panels blow off any properties during a hurricane due to our installation methods.  

Cutom built solutions .png

Custom designed solutions

We complete a consultative approach to ensure that you make the most sensible investment in a clean energy system. By focusing on energy efficiency and coupling it with solar electricity this will ensure a reliable return on investment. All our systems are designed to integrate Enphase IQ battery storage in the future.


Future proofed for batteries

All of our Enphase solar systems are designed to have Enphase batteries installed now or in the future. We ensure that your property is prepared for the safest, most reliable and powerful battery system on the market by installing hardware that is ready for battery integration. 

Aptos Solar PV Panels

Aptos Solar Panels

Our current solar electric (PV) panels are supplied by Aptos and designed to withstand hurricane force winds and our corrosive environment, providing you with reliable clean energy for a minimum of 30 years.

BiFacial Solar Panels

440 watt and 370 watt options designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

Aptos Solar Panel_.png

We pair each solar panel with a dedicated, reliable and safe Enphase microinverter

Not only will this ensure that there is no single point of failure on your solar system, but that you can maximize energy production and integrate into the Enphase IQ Battery solution.

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